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Our Grant Philosophy
Franklin’s Friends grants funds to deserving local 501(c)(3) and government animal welfare agencies. Grant applications are rigorously reviewed for veterinary and financial responsibility. We strive to support three pillars of animal welfare: Shelter/Rescue, Spay/Neuter, and Community Education. All funds granted are restricted to the use specified in the grant application.

Apply for A Grant
Franklin’s Friends accepts grant applications from local 501(c)(3) and government agencies in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia, or Lake Counties year round. Each organization may only apply once per calendar year. We do not donate to breed specific rescues or to individuals. We do not provide grants for the purchase of property or buildings. We will not grant funds to organizations who do not treat heartworm positive dogs according to the American Heartworm Society guidelines unless they are applying for funds to allow them to do so. Any organization receiving a grant from Franklin’s Friends is required to furnish receipts demonstrating how our funds were spent.

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Grant Recipient:

Daytona Beach German Shepherd Resuce

November 2017


Franklin's Friends granted a $5,000 to Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue to rescue and treat 10 more dogs in the state of Florida next year.

Grant Recipient:

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

November 2017

PPR Logo

Franklin's Friends granted an additional $10,000 to Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida for the shelter and care of dogs rescued in the state of Florida.

Grant Recipient:

Chi Chi's Rescue Ranch, Inc.

October 2017

Chi Chi logo

Franklin's Friends granted another$5,000 to Chi Chi's Rescue Ranch, Inc. to pay for veterinary care (including spay/neuter, surgeries, basic vetting, treating injuries or illness, or heartworm treatment) and board and train expenses for dogs rescued from Central Florida kill shelters.

Grant Recipient:

The Pixel Fund

September 2017

The Pixel Fund Logo

Franklin's Friends awarded $5,000 to The Pixel Fund for heartworm treatment and medical expenses for dogs and cats pulled from Florida shelters and $5,000 to launch their Cat Outreach and Safety program.

Grant Recipient:

Spay N Save

March 2017

Spay N Save logo

Franklin's Friends awarded an additional $1,070 to Spay N Save to provide free flu vaccines to the dogs spayed or neutered in the Fix-a-Thon sponsored by Franklin's Friends.

Grant Recipient:

Chi Chi's Rescue Ranch, Inc.

July 2017

Chi Chi logo

Franklin's Friends granted $5,000 to Chi Chi's Rescue Ranch, Inc. to pay for veterinary care (including spay/neuter, surgeries, basic vetting, treating injuries or illness, or heartworm treatment) and board and train expenses for dogs rescued from Central Florida kill shelters.



Gretchen is a 3 month old shepherd mix that Chi Chi’s rescued from Lake County Animals Services after she was found as a stray. She has old injuries to her back legs and cannot walk with her back legs. One of her legs will definitely need to be amputated. The other leg may be able to be saved. She will have surgery on the better leg first followed by rehabilitation and then amputation of the other leg.  If both legs need to be amputated she will still be ok – she will get around just fine with a wheelchair!




Louise is a one year old female hound mix Chi Chi’s saved from Orange County Animal Service.  She was heartworm positive and Franklin’s Friend’s grant is being used to pay for her heartworm treatment.




Bernie is a 12 year old Chihuahua that Chi Chi’s saved from Orange County Animal Services.   He has a heart murmur and walks on the “ankles” of his front legs due to old injury.  The vet neutered him, extracted some teeth, and tried splinting his legs but the splinting was unsuccessful.  Bernie is in hospice foster until he can no longer live comfortably. He does take medicine for his legs but is not in pain. Bernie is a really special boy and will be spoiled with Chi Chi’s hospice foster.




Ozzy is a 3 year old pit bull mix that Chi Chi’s saved from Orange County Animal Services. He has severe nerve damage to his front leg so his leg needs to be amputated.  But he will get along wonderfully as a tripod! 




Pearl is a 13 year old poodle who came to Chi Chi’s from Lake County Animal Services after being found as a stray. At the shelter Pearl was literally screaming in pain due to a terrible ear infection and back issue. The vet had to sedate her for back x-rays, a major dental cleaning with extractions, and an ear flush. She stayed at the vet 9 days while she underwent treatment to get her back pain free. Her back has a disc issue that surgery is not a good option for. She will likely do fabulously just staying on an anti-inflammatory medication. She is pain free and runs and hops and smiles all the time now!




Manny entered Chi Chi’s at the end of 2016 from Orange County Animal Services (OCAS). He was transported to his foster family in Tampa. He broke through a sun room window while the fosters where away from the home, attacked a small dog, and bit the small dog’s owner when she was trying to break them up. The fosters decided they could no longer care for Manny so he is currently at Central Florida K9 – a state of the art boarding and training facility who has been simply amazing in caring for him. He is taking anxiety medication which has helped tremendously. But boarding is no life for any dog so he is looking for his forever home with NO other animals. Manny is also heartworm positive, and is receiving the slow kill treatment until he is in a less stressful environment to undergo full treatment.




Reeves is a wonderful boy that was found at a bus stop with a broken neck. He was taken to the closest vet and left there. The vet treated him best he could, but Reeves needed to see a specialist. Affiliated Veterinary Services (AVS) did extensive testing and decided casting his neck for 8+ weeks would be the best option. Reeves has had cast/bandage changes weekly and has been making great progress. Only a few more weeks, and he will be cast free and ready to resume normal dog activity! Reeves has been adopted by an amazing family but is still under Chi Chi’s vet care and supervision until he is cleared from the doctors.


Grant Recipient:

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

June 2017

Pago logo

Franklin's Friends granted $13,000 to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to provide FREE flu vaccines (and boosters) to 400 community dogs and $5,000 to help treat and care for the 48 dogs who had to be quarantined in their Orlando shelter due to exposure to canine flu. A portion of these funds is now being used to subsidize the adoption fees for these dogs at Pet Alliance's Orlando Shelter.

Grant Recipient:

Sophie's Circle

May 2017

Sophie's Logo

Franklin's Friends granted another $5,000 to Sophie's Circle for the veterinary care of special needs dogs.



Max is a 2 year old boxer who had lost his home four times before Sophie's Circle rescued him. He had to have a mass removed from his head and, of course, had to be neutered. His foster mom loved him so much she decided to adopt him!




Buster is a two year old chihuahua mix pulled from a shelter who picked him up as a stray. He was ill and unable to keep food or water down. He recovered quickly and now has been adopted.




Darla is a hound mix Sophie's Circle pulled from Orange County Animal Services. She had previousy been adopted from the shelter looking healthy but then was found as a stray in horrible condition. She has a large growth on her mouth that has been biopsied. She has been treated for skin, eye, and ear infections and is working on gaining weight!




Juanita is a senior min pin pulled from a rural shelter. She was in poor health and after a senior check-up it was discovered she has diabetes. She is being treated with insulin while she waits to find her forever home.




Timber is a 2 year old Husky who was surrendered by his owner to a shelter. Shortly after getting to his foster he developed diarrhea and lethargy. The vet treated his symptoms and he is now healthy!


Grant Recipient:

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

May 2017

PPR Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $15,000 to Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida for the shelter and care of dogs rescued in the state of Florida.


Gypsy and Jade

Gypsy and Jade are two large breed hurricane strays. They are waiting for forever homes.




Sabrina came in with awful skin infections but she looks great now and will be listed for adoption soon.




Xena came in from The Redlands. She is very bonded to her friend Ashely. They were skinny but healthy enough to complete their veterinary care. They are in a foster home now, waiting for a forever home.




Rafa is a senior Yorkie mix turned into a vet office before Hurricane Irma. He had dry eye that had been untreated for several years. He will need eye medications for the rest of his life and had to have many teeth pulled during his dental exam. He’ll be ready for adoption soon.




Ashley came in from The Redlands with the other Hurricane Irma dogs. She was the only one that required critical care. She could not urinate or defecate because she had pieces of bone throughout her intestines. After an enema she was able to poop and pee again. She is now happy and healthy waiting for a forever home!




Dug was chained to a tree in The Redlands and was rescued just before Hurricane Irma arrived. He was treated for heartworm and will be listed for adoption soon.




Jimmy arrived to Poodle and Pooch from The Redlands. He was spayed and he was treated for heartworm. He is available for adoption but needs a home with no other dogs.




Kato was found living in a ditch. He needed surgery for a prolapsed rectum and was found to have an underactive pancreas – so he will need to take pancreas enzymes with his food for the rest of his life. He is doing incredibly well and listed for adoption!




Peanut was found on the west coast (Naples) after Hurricane Irma storm under brush and tree limbs. He was paralyzed. Peanut has a broken pelvis which will heal on its own but is causing his tail to be paralyzed so he will likely need a tail amputation. He also has a herniated disk in his back which is too chronic for surgery. But after being treated with anti inflammatory medication he has regained his ability to walk, The police officer who found him after the storm has decided to adopt him so he is already home in Naples!




Abby may have been used as a bait dog. When she was found her face was bloody and someone had recently cut off part of her tail. She had to be treated for ticks, hookworm, an eye infection, and is undergoing heartworm treatment. When she completes her heartworm treatment she will need to and eyes and is being treated for heartworm.




Coral arrived with terrible skin problems but she responded beautifully for treatment and will be listed for adoption soon.




Benedict had a skin infection and was limping. Xrays show an old thigh bone fracture which was too old to repair so his leg had to be amputated. He still needs to be neutered and have dental surgery but he is listed for adoption.




Caboodle is too skinny. and she has glaucoma in her left eye.  The glaucoma causes pain in her eye and has made her lose sight in that eye.  She will need to have her eye removed and will also need to be spayed and have a breast tumor removed.  But Caboodle is a very happy dog! She is active and her tail is always wagging. 



Dorothy and Duffy

Dorothy and Duffy are just two of so many seniors Poodle and Pooch Rescue saves. Dorothy needs to put on some weight before she can undergo the dental treatment she needs.  Duffy may have bladder cancer - his results are still pending.  But luckily this kind of cancer responds well to mild oral medications so he should do very well.




Bianca and her 6 puppies arrived at Poodle and Pooch in poor shape.  But now Mom and pups are almost ready to list for adoption. All the pups will receive their second set of vaccines and Bianca will be spayed soon.  Bianca’s foster family reports that she has put on 5 pounds, which she desperately needed. When Poodle and Pooch rescues puppies they always request to rescue the mom as well. 




Kramer is was rescued from the Redlands. He has a painful condition in the “wrists/ankles” which are tiny fractures that cause lots of swelling.  This is caused by genetics (long-legged breeds are susceptible) combined with excessive activity.  He is on cage rest for a month and his pain is being controlled with anti-inflammatory medication. He is getting lots of lap time with his foster family though!




Axl came from The Redlands. This poor boy was one of the thousands of dogs running stray in The Redlands with no food, no shelter and nobody looking out for him. Axl was hit by a car about a month before Poodle and Pooch rescued him.  He has a back leg fracture and a dislocated hip.  He will need surgery for his hip once his fracture heals, which will take about a month.  He seems very comfortable and other than his decreased mobility he is a normal happy puppy!




Destiny was hit by a car, on purpose. Witnesses called the police.  Her front leg was completely dislocated.  After stabilizing her, the vet put her under anesthesia and relocated the leg but it immediately popped back out.  So they relocated the leg and wrapped it for two weeks.  So far the leg has stayed in place and she is walking normally. This dog is amazing in every way. She holds no grudges agains humans. She’s full of love.




Betty is a senior and weighs only 6 lbs.  When she came to Poodle and Pooch she had severe pain in her left eye and was blind in her right eye from a cataract.  She was so skinny the vet was reluctant  to put her under anesthesia but her eye had to be removed to alleviate her pain.  She still needs a dental surgery but is already listed for adoption.  She is perfectly healthy other than being blind. But  after two days in her foster home, she already learned the lay of the land. If you didn’t know she was blind, you'd never guess it!




Tallulah was adopted from animal control by someone who surrendered her to a different animal control to be euthanized. There was no reason to euthanize Tallulah, so animal control called Poodle and Pooch. Tallulah is a senior. She had hookworms, she is blind, and her teeth were a disaster.  Despite all this she is loving and lovely.  Although blind senior dogs often take a long time to find their forever home she was snapped quickly and is home for good!




Brucie is a young dog, but an old soul.   Brucie had hookworms, whipworms, and heartworms which have been treated. He has some complicated orthopedic issues.  He has an old healed pelvic fracture and severe hip dysplasia so he walks with an exaggerated shimmy.  Right now he is on medication for pain but he may need surgery later in life.  If he does need surgery later, Poodle and Pooch will pay for the surgery. This will ensure that he will get everything he needs to live a long, happy life.




Crosby was starving and depressed before he arrived at Poodle and Pooch Rescue from animal control. He had ben very neglected, was extremely underweight, and had sores on his skin. He is blind from cataracts and had to have one eye removed because of glaucoma. But he is now playful and perky, has gained some weight, and loves going for walks.




Feebee came from animal control with a broken jaw and puncture wounds to her neck. She was transported to a specialist in Tampa where her jaw was surgically repaired. Her jaw is still healing so she can only eat soft food and has to wear a cone. She also has breast tumors on both sides which will require surgery once she has recovered from the jaw surgery.




Mia is a 7 year old dog who was surrendered by her owner. Poodle and Pooch found out she was very uncomfortable because her bladder was full of stones. She had surgery to remove them and a dental cleaning and some extractions and now is recovering in her foster home.




Sprout is an 18 month old pup from animal control. He is missing some hair because he is probably part Chinese Crested or another hairless breed. His left eye had a condition called phthisis bulbi where the eye is blind and starts shrinking – so this eye needed to be removed to prevent infection. His other eye had the lashes turned inward causing scratching and scarring to the cornea. He had surgery to correct the lashes on that eye. He also has loose kneecaps on both sides which may require surgery. He is very scared but is learning to relax with his foster family.




Clara is a senior dog who came from animal control and was found to have an autoimmune condition that puts her at high risk for bleeding. She was treated with medications with complete success. The veterinarians are just adjusting her medications to limit side effects but still control the disease.




Hilo belonged to a man who was selling drugs. He had mange and some skin infections. He was treated with oral and topical medications and now the mange is gone and his hair is starting to grow in!




Lucky was very skinny and scared when he came to Poodle and Pooch. He was biting and pooping every time he was let out of his crate out of sheer fear. Now that he has lost his fear he has stopped biting and pooping! He had a skin infection which was treated but the hair has not grown back yet. He also has bad knees but this might improve once he gains weight and builds some muscle.




Tonka was been struck by a car and could not walk. He was showing signs of aggression at animal control due to his pain. Poodle and Pooch rescued him and discovered he had a shattered thigh bone on one side and a dislocated hip on the other side.  The vet had to amputate his broken leg and operate on his hip  He also had a broken jaw but that will heal on its own with a month of eating soft food.  Tonka is  walking wonderfully on three legs. Now that he is no longer in pain he has become a social butterfly! He’s only 2 years old so he has his whole life ahead of him!




Mason, a 7 yr old matted Shih Tzu had a large tumor on his neck which was worrisome for thyroid cancer. He was emaciated on arrival. Poodle and Pooch spent a week feeding him and letting him gain some weight.  Then the vet removed his tumor, neutered him, and cleaned his teeth.  The tumor was the size of a golf ball but thankfully was benign! 


Grant Recipient:

Spay N Save

March 2017

Spay N Save logo

Franklin's Friends awarded $15,000 to Spay N Save to fund a Fix-a-Thon that will underwrite $5 spay and neuter services for 125 dogs and 180 cats. Pictured are some of the pets fixed in the FixaThon.







Grant Recipient:


March 2017


Franklin's Friends granted $5,000 to T.E.A.R.S. of Seminole County for the medical needs of dogs and cats housed at Seminole County Animal Services that the shelter is not able to support



Axel is a brown tiger cat who had to have a blood clot removed from his ear and one eye removed.




Lilly had to have two large masses removed and her teeth cleaned.




Charmin had to have a leg fracture repaired.




Bree is a pomeranian who had to have her leg amputated.




Oreo is a Shihtzu who had to have surgery for a cherry eye and neuter surgery.


Grant Recipient:

South Lake Animal League

March 2017

South Lake Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $10,000 to The Animal League to purchase a van to transport pets during rescue runs, trips to the veterinary clinic, community events, and community outreach programs.  Franklin's Friends also awarded $5,000 to the Animal League to provide general veterinary care to low income residents in Leesburg.

Grant Recipient:

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

March 2017

Pago logo

Franklin's Friends granted $10,000 to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to fund their Humane Education community education program. This will enable 150 outreach visits this year. Franklin's Friends also awarded $5,000 to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to fund one week of summer camp for approximately 40 children in the Parramore area.
Click here to see pictures from the Parramore summer camp.






Our work is made possible in part by a generous grant from the Art and Phyllis Grindle Foundation.

This gift represents the love that Art and Phyllis had for animals in need.

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