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Our Grant Philosophy
Franklin’s Friends grants funds to deserving local 501(c)(3) and government animal welfare agencies. Grant applications are rigorously reviewed for veterinary and financial responsibility. We strive to support three pillars of animal welfare: Shelter/Rescue, Spay/Neuter, and Community Education. All funds granted are restricted to the use specified in the grant application.

Apply for A Grant
Franklin’s Friends accepts grant applications from local 501(c)(3) and government agencies in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia, or Lake Counties year round. Each organization may only apply once per calendar year. We do not donate to breed specific rescues or to individuals. We do not provide grants for the purchase of property or buildings. We will not grant funds to organizations who do not treat heartworm positive dogs according to the American Heartworm Society guidelines unless they are applying for funds to allow them to do so. Any organization receiving a grant from Franklin’s Friends is required to furnish receipts demonstrating how our funds were spent.

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Grant Recipient:

Daytona Beach German Shepherd Resuce

December 2018


Franklin's Friends granted $10,000 to Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue to rescue and treat dogs in the state of Florida .

Grant Recipient:

Husky Haven of Florida

December 2018

Husky Haven Logo

Franklin's Friends awarded an additional $18,000 to Husky Haven for the shelter and veterinary care for dogs rescued in the state of Florida.

Grant Recipient:

Way Home, Inc.

November 2018

Way Home Logo

Franklin's Friends granted an additional $5,000 to The Way Home, Inc. to Trap, Neuter, and Release cats and kittens in Central Florida.

Grant Recipient:

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

October 2018

PPR Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $211 to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office to purchase vests for the four Comfort Canines in the Seminole County Public Schools system.

Grant Recipient:

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

October 2018

PPR Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $25,000 to Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida for the shelter and care of dogs rescued in the state of Florida.



Recently adopted!! This sweet little muffin was found with her mom and siblings, left outside to fend for themselves. The pups were tied up and tangled in landscaping net. Not all survived, but sweet Ava did. She went to an amazing home and they’re enjoying all there is to enjoy with a new puppy!




His senior citizen owner moved in with family and the family said the dog wasn’t welcome so off he went to Lake County Animal Services. Poodle and Pooch Rescue scooped him up and he’s oh-so-sweet!




Recently adopted!! He was a bit of a hot mess, senior boy who found himself a retiree in The Villages to spoil him rotten for the rest of his days. Life is good!




Recently adopted!! This girl was brought to PPR because she didn’t like to share meal time with a new pet in the household. She was recently adopted to a retiree and per the most recent update – she’s fitting in perfectly!




Recently adopted!! She had trauma to her tail and it took some time to heal and treat, but she’s looking and feeling good now and loving life!




She is new to PPR and has a significant heart murmur and she’s heartworm positive and had hookworms too. She is being treated slowly and carefully. She is a very fearful dog and came from a backyard breeding situation. Long road of recovery ahead for this sweet girl.




She is still in foster care – special dog because she needs to be an only dog and is working through some fear and confidence issues.


Grant Recipient:

Spay N Save

October 2018

Spay N Save logo

Franklin's Friends awarded $11,250 to Spay N Save to perform 50 dog and 150 cat sterilizations for low income families in Lake County

Grant Recipient:

Florida Hospital Foundation

August 2018

FH Foundation Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $4167.80 to theFlorida Hospital Foundation to purchase protective vests for Florida Hospital's six K9 officers.

Grant Recipient:

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

July 2018

Pago Logo

Franklin's Friends pledged $40,000 to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. $10,000 will be used to fund programs to educate neighborhoods and communities about Trap Neuter and Release and enlist their help to identify colonies and to assist with TNR events. $30,000 will be used to fund 6 TNR events that will result in the TNR of 100 cats per month.

Grant Recipient:

Osceola County Animal Services

July 2018

Osceola County Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $10,000 to Osceola County Animal Services to pay for 200 free spay/neuter services for cats found by citizens

Grant Recipient:

Husky Haven of Florida

July 2018

Husky Haven Logo

Franklin's Friends awarded $10,000 to Husky Haven for the shelter and veterinary care for dogs rescued in the state of Florida.



Zeus was rescued from Santa Rosa County with severe skin issues and a seizure disordered. He is currently stable and treatment is being discussed to prevent more seizures. He is available now for adoption but will most likely be a foster failure.



Prince Charming

Prince Charming was rescued from Manatee county along with his sister. He is available now for adoption.




Bella is a 10 year old senior who ended up at St. John's County Shelter when her owner passed away. Husky Haven rescued her and she was adopted to a great couple that has another senior husky and is living a wonderful life.




Abby is a 9 year old senior rescued from St. John's county with 2 large tumors the size of golf balls. Both thankfully were benign. She has already been adopted!




Ramsey was rescued from the Hillsborough shelter within minutes of euthanasia. They thought he was 10 years old since he was in bad condition and blind. However, after examinations, the vet estimated him at around 3-4 years old. He had to have both eyes removed but he is the sweetest boy. He is going to be adopted by his foster home!




Slater is a 2 year old rescued from Polk county shelter. He had massive trauma to his genitalia that required amputation of his penis and reconstructive surgery TO make it so that he urinates more like a female. He has a very good prognosis for a long and happy life and has already been adopted.




Blanca a nearly two year old, was rescued from the shelter after an owner abuse case confiscation. She was severly underweight and healing from an infection where her collar had imbedded into her skin. Blanca is also heartworm positive and has begun treatment after taking some time to get her healed and healthier. She has already been adopted and her new daddy is seeing her through the healing process and showing her what a loving home is all about!



Cheddar Light

Cheddar Light was rescued from the St. Augustine Humane Society as a 10 year old in very bad shape. The shelter thought he was failing due to the stress of the shelter. We got him into an amazing foster home where he settled in nicely. When he didn't start to thrive we brought him to one of our vets to be looked over. It was discovered he had advanced stage organ failure and he became a hospice case. He was only with us a few short weeks, but they were full of adventures and love! Cheddar has crossed the rainbow bridge.




Cinderella was rescued from the Miami Shelter and is believed to be around 1.5 years old. She is also adjusting well in her foster home and is a good girl looking for her forever home!




Julius, Stalone, Katniss, Conway, Hubbard, Kaiser, and Cole are a liter of husky mixes we took in from a shelter in the Panhandle. They were dumped at the shelter at only 6 weeks old, to young to be weaned even. Aside from a few having kennel cough they are otherwise thriving and on schedule with vaccinations. Several already have adopters and are now beginning their new lives!


Grant Recipient:

Way Home, Inc.

July 2018

Way Home Logo

Franklin's Friends granted an additional $2,500 to The Way Home, Inc. to Trap, Neuter, and Release cats and kittens in Central Florida.

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Grant Recipient:

Spay the Strays

June 2018

Spay the Strays Logo

Franklin's Friends granted an additional $5,000 to Spay the Strays to pay for veterinary care and microchipping of cats trapped or rescued in Central Florida.

Grant Recipient:

Sophie's Circle

June 2018

Sophie's Logo

Franklin's Friends granted an additional $10,000 to Sophie's Circle for the veterinary care of special needs dogs rescued in the state of Florida.



Cowboy is a puppy who was sold on CraigsList to someone who gave him away when he became ill. That person gave him away to someone else who eventually reached out to Sophie's Circle. It turned out he had parvo. He spent a couple days in the animal hospital but he pulled through and is now adopted into his forever home.




Hope is a husky rescued from a shelter in Palatka. Hope arrived with a terrible skin infection, ear infection, parasites as well as a very large mass. She needed some time to build her strength before having surgery to remove the mass but now she is doing wonderfully!




Noble was found as a stray and never claimed. He had an ear infection and terrible teeth. In fact he had to have surgery to remove all his teeth. But now he feels like a new man now and is waiting for his forever home.



Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa were left on a property where their owners were evicted. We believe Elsa is probably Anna's puppy. Elsa had some very serious infections in her skin and eyes, as well as a serious case of fleas. Anna could not bear weight on one of her legs and xrays showed major damage caused by a heavy blunt force - she may have been hit by a car. Unfortunately this is an old injury that cannot be surgically corrected and she will need to have that leg amputated.




Anna (name changed to Freya) the pup was non weight bearing on one of her legs and after xrays it shows major damage caused by a heavy blunt force. We think she was possibly hit by a car or something like that. Unfortunately this is an old injury and there is no fixing her now. She was finally cleared to have her leg amputated and is now recovering in her foster home.




Kona came from a shelter very pregnant. She gave birth 24 hours after leaving the shelter. She was a good mom and took care of all her babies. Unfortunately she developed pyometra and required an emergency visit. She is all healed up now and waiting to find her forever home.


Grant Recipient:

Partnership for Paws, Inc.

April 2018

PFP Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $2,500 to Partnership for Paws, Inc. for the veterinary care, food, and supplies for rescued dogs.



Ted is a senior chihuahua (about 10 years old) who was surrendered by his owner. He was only four pounds when he was rescued but he is coming along wonderfully!


Grant Recipient:

Way Home, Inc.

April 2018

Way Home Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $2,500 to The Way Home, Inc. to Trap, Neuter, and Release cats and kittens in Central Florida.

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Grant Recipient:

Sophie's Circle

April 2018

Sophie's Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $5,000 to Sophie's Circle for the veterinary care of special needs dogs rescued in the state of Florida.



Autumn is a husky who was brought into Orange County Animal Services after being hit by a car. She spent a few days boarding at a vet then went to a specialist for surgery. She is all healed now and has been adopted.




Blue was at a shelter with a huge mass on his back that needed to be removed. He went to University of Florida Small Animal Hospital where they confirmed the mass was cancer but they were able to remove it all. He is happily living with his forever family now.




Haidee was at a local shelter for 4 months and in quarantine due to a massive hematoma on her ear. Sophie's Circle sprung her lose and she was able to get the surgery she needed to fix her ear. Her foster mom fell in love and decided to adopt her.




Joanie was at Flagler Humane Society where she was brought in as a stray. Her owners never came and she was too old to spend one more day in a shelter so Sophie's Circle pulled her. She had to have a mastectomy and we are happy to report it was not cancer! Joanie recovered in her foster home and then was quickly adopted by a loving family.


Grant Recipient:

Chi Chi's Rescue Ranch

December 2017

Chi Chi logo

Franklin's Friends granted a holiday bonus grant of$10,000 to Chi Chi's Rescue Ranch, Inc. to pay for veterinary care (including spay/neuter, surgeries, basic vetting, treating injuries or illness, or heartworm treatment) and board and train expenses for dogs rescued from Central Florida kill shelters.



Poor Babey came from OCAS because her owners surrendered her to be euthanized because she was old and had a growth on her face. The shelter convinced the owners to let them place her in rescue with Chi Chi's. Babey is blind and has a wobbly back end due to arthritis. Her growth was nothing more than a small cyst on her cheek that was very easily removed during her dental. She was adopted but was returned due to peeing in the house. She is now staying with Chi Chi's founder and has no problem with potty trainer - so she has become a forever foster!



5 Retriever- Puppies Polly, Sadie, Sassy, Stella, and Spike

These AMAZING puppies were saved in the last hour before euthanasia when Brevard County Humane Society in Cocoa reached out to Chi Chi's saying they had a litter of 6 week old puppies one of whom was very sick with parvovirus. The parvo spread amongst them all within that first week and then they all got pneumonia. They had to be quarantined for four weeks! It was a rough month, but now they are all doing incredibly in forever homes!!




Sweet Grace was saved from OCAS. She is 15+ years old. She was FULL of intestinal parasites, skin irritated and itchy, hair knotted, ear infection, eyes infected etc. She got all her medicines, a nice grooming, and is being spoiled with one of our amazing hospice fosters. We are just keeping her happy and comfortable and enjoying each day we have her!




King was very sick when he saved from OCAS. He tested positive for distemper and had to be transferred to another vet that had a better quarantine area and more doctors available to tend to his urgent needs. So proud to say he bounced back and is doing great!! Unfortunately, distemper does have the risk of neurological issues presenting months down the road. He is in foster care because he needs to be away from other dogs as he can shed the virus for 60-90 days. We are also waiting to see if any neurological issues come up. If he does not develop neurological issues, he will be a normal, healthy dog!


Grant Recipient:

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

January 2018

PPR Logo

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida success stories from their November 2017 grant for the shelter and care of dogs rescued in the state of Florida



Bella is a middle aged Boston Terrier that was owned by a breeder. She spent her life outside, in the dirt, in a kennel. She was given up because she had a growth on her rear end. She also was heartworm positive and had a mammory tumor and two hernias that required surgery. Luckily her tumors were benign. Bella recovered from surgery in her foster home for a few weeks, then was treated for heartworm. Now, Bella is ready for a home!



Halo and Skye

27 breeder dogs were hidden in a back yard in a rural area. Many of the dogs had been debarked to keep neighbors from complaining. Poodle and Pooch reached out to the owner and persuaded him to turn over the dogs. Many of them were deaf because of inbreeding. Halo and Skye, two pups, were also born with microphthalmia which means their eyes never developed properly. They are deaf and blind but they are happy, playful pups. They are bonded so they need a home who want to adopt them together.




Sophia was hanging out at a 7-11, blind and begging for food. A kind person took her home and called Poodle and Pooch. She’s about 8 years old and has been diagnosed with SARDS. The good news is that although there is no treatment, this is not a painful condition at all. These dogs are blind and drink and eat more than normal dogs. Sophia is lovely!




Tartis a sweet dog taken in from The Redlands. The Redlands is a rural area in South Florida where people dump their dogs.Tart was very sweet, but timid on arrival. He has come into his own and is now happy as can be!




Kelsey is another dog taken in from the Redlands. She had just given birth – another rescue took her pups but did not rescue her so Poodle and Pooch stepped in and saved her.




Bea was rescued from animal control and was heartworm positive. She has since been treated and is happy and healthy!




Scarlett is a senior Labrador who was left in a back yard after her owners moved out. She has a cancerous mast cell tumor on her side that is inoperable but she isn’t in any pain. She is on medications to slow the tumor growth and spread of the cancer. Poodle and Pooch cannot adopt out Scarlett because they want to control her veterinary care so she will be a Forever Foster.




Princess is part of a neglect case. She was living outside in a plastic drum, unable to stand, and stick thin. She is 9 years old and heartworm positive. She needed to be spayed, have a hernia repair, and have dental surgery. Princess is 9 yrs old and up to 8 lbs. She is heartworm positive, not spayed and has an umbilical hernia. Princess is in her foster home and will have her heartworm treated soon.




Taffy’s a wonderful little girl. She’s 8 yrs old and 8.4 lbs. She was owned by a woman who went into a nursing home. She is completely paralyzed in her back legs and does not have control of her bowels but this dog is very happy, loving and active. She scoots herself around and she is fast and in no pain. She would be a great candidate for a cart because she loves to be on the move!




Animal control asked Poodle and Pooch to help Bizzy because she had heartworms which need treatment. She was also found to have a bladder stone which will need surgery.



Shelby and Coco

Shelby and Coco are examples of the older dogs we save. These dogs are not often adopted or rescued from animal control. Most of the time they live much longer than our vets predict and their adoptive families love them..



Flip Flop

Flip Flop was shot in the penis with a pellet gun as punishment from peeing in the house. The pellet was surgically removed and he was started on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. He also required dental surgery to remove many infected teeth. He’s a sweet boy and will be listed for adoption soon




Chester wandered into a parking lot, where a good Samaritan saw he was injured and called PPR for help. Poor Chester had a broken pelvis and a luxated hip. He needed hip surgery and neutering but the pelvis is healing on his own. Chester is doing great now and is listed for adoption.



Molly Mae

Mollie Mae is 8-9 yrs old. She just finished treatment for heartworm but has a large mammary tumor. In about a month she will be spayed and have a partial mastectomy. A month later she will need dental surgery. She will be listed for adoption soon and her adopters will return her for her surgeries. Mollie Mae is having fun in her foster home but she wants to start life with her forever family as soon as she can.




Tilly was neglected by a hoarder for a long time. She has pressure sores on her paws and hind end from sitting on hard surfaces, most likely a cage. Her mouth is a disaster, her belly is full of mammary tumors and she has heartworm disease. PPR started her heartworm treatment and will complete that this month, then give her body a recovery period. Next she will have a mastectomy on one side combined with her spay, then 4 weeks later a second mastectomy combined with her dental surgery. This dog is as sweet as she looks and enjoying her new life as a PPR dog.




Blue was intentionally run down by a man in a truck who was not deterred by witnesses. He chased Blue until he hit him. A bystander took Blue to their vet where they wrapped his leg, then drove the dog to PPR. His leg was too badly broken to be repaired so his leg had to be amputated.. This dog is wonderful. He loves people and other dogs. He kisses your face like it was covered in ice cream. Just an absolute doll.




Walter came to PPR from the Veterinary Emergency Clinic. This 3 yr old pup was a victim of neglect. He almost died from fleas because he lived outside in the back yard and was not given preventive flea medicine.. The fleas literally sucked so much blood from the dog that he became anemic and weak. He received a transfusion and was hospitalized for a few days until he was healthy enough to go to his foster home. Walter is ready for a forever home now.




Stormy was a stray picked up by animal control. She’s a senior whose condition is due to neglect. She was skinny with a skin and ear infection. Her teeth were horrible. Her eyes were not just infected, but inflamed because her dry eye had been ignored for so long. Stormy went on lots of medications for her condition and was sent to a foster home for recovery. Now she is looking like a different dog. She had her dental surgery and her eyes have improved markedly.




Casey is an animal control dog that arrived to PPR after being abused. His front left paw had been cut off, he had been shot at least 15 times and he has a dislocated left hip. He is also heartworm positive. He had surgery to fix his hip. He gets physical therapy every day and also hydrotherapy 3 times a week. Soon his heartworm treatworm will be started.




Jethro is a typical hoarder dog. He is an older boy. Somehow he escaped heartworm. He arrived very confused, but is warming up wonderfully. He has been treated very unkindly so it will take many months before he is ready for a home.




Mischa was found as a stray with a huge tumor. A biopsy showed cancer but it is a localized cancer that does not spread. PPR had the tumor removed in a successful 3 hour surgery. She is also heartworm positive and will be treated in 5 weeks. Then she will be spayed and have her teeth teeth cleaned. When Mischa is ready for a home, her adoption contract will include and require a 3 month recheck with the surgeon for a year, then 6 month rechecks the following year to ensure the cancer is GONE.




Clover was another Animal Control girl who was not adopted or rescued because of her age and her mammary tumor. The vet estimates her to be 9 years old and her mammary tumor was large enough to require a partial mastectomy. In 5 weeks, Clover will return to the vet to have her teeth cleaned and many extracted. She has the energy of a very young dog. Perhaps she is making up for lost time!


Grant Recipient:

The Pixel Fund

January 2018

The Pixel Fund Logo

Franklin's Friends awarded an additional $10,000 to The Pixel Fund for heartworm treatment and medical expenses for dogs and cats pulled from Florida shelters




Ingrid is a 6 year old chihuahua who came into Orange County Animal Services with a massive inguinal hernia. She was considered an emergency as it was unknown if her colon was at risk in the hernia. She had surgery at Geneva Oaks to repair the hernia and she is recovering wonderfully. She will be available for adoption shortly.




Lillian Estelle

Lola came to Poodle and Pooch from a woman who became disabled and could not care for her. She had a condition called ‘phthisis bulbi’ where her left eye was shrinking away and non-functional. As the eye shrinks, it leave an empty socket that becomes a source of infection and discomfort. To prevent that, her eye was removed and she is much more comfortable.




Kiwi was a tiny horribly matted stray rescued from Orange County Animal Services. It was discovered that, likely due to an old shoulder or neck injury, she had permanent brachial nerve damage causing her front paw to knuckle under. She was walking on the top of her paw, and the abrasions had rubbed it raw with open wounds. Dr. David performed surgery to correct the paw position. She is currently in a cast for 6 weeks, after which we hope that, while the wrist will be stiff, she will have appropriate paw contact with the ground.



Sophia Lorena

Sophia Lorena was rescued from Orange County Animal Services. She had ears that were swollen shut, mammary tumors and severe dental disease. She was taken to UF Soft Tissue Department where they advised that the tumors were life threatening and were removed. We are awaiting results of the pathology. They also determined that her ear canals are intact but the surrounding tissue is deformed, and swollen. They believe that a course of steroids and antibiotics, both internal and topical, has an excellent chance of bringing down the swelling, making further surgery unnecessary.





Vance, a 6 week old puppy from a backyard breeder was brought in to OCAS because it had strangles (a skin disorder of the face common in puppies) and the owner did not want to deal with the expense of treatment. It turned out to be a particularly severe case that was resistant to treatment but he is finally on the mend.


Grant Recipient:

Happy Trails

January 2018

Happy Trails Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $5,000 to Happy Trails Animal Rescue to pay for training and veterinary expenses for dogs rescued from Central Florida shelters.



Loki is a one year old Australian shepherd and Catahoula mix. He had a lot of pent up energy from being crated all of the time because his previous owners were afraid of him. He struggled with resource guarding his food and toys, as well as some minor fear reactivity due to a lack of good socialization with strangers. These habits were highly correctable and this young guy has now completed training and has been cleared for adoption!




April was rescued from Orange County Animal Services. She went in for a routine exam upon leaving the shelter and some serious abnormalities were found in her lymph nodes. She has unfortunately been diagnosed with lymphoma. The vet is currently developing a treatment plan to give her the most quality time possible.




Journey was a dog found in the woods in Polk County. She unfortunately tested heartworm positive. The grant from Franklin's Friends helped to pay for her heartworm treatment.




Leo is a dog fighting victim who Happy Trails Animal Rescue saved from Orange County Animal Services. He had never had a home before and was not housebroken, so he was tearing the crate apart and the foster's belongings as well. He lost two fosters in three days! The grant from Franklin's Friends paid for him to do three weeks of board and train, and he has now transitioned into a foster home and is doing much better!!!




Buddy originally had some paralysis of his face but all his testing was negative. Then he woke up one morning with severe diarrhea and seemed really disoriented. Thankfully, it was just a bacterial infection and he was given antibiotics and will be fine.




Teddy was found as a stray in Orange County. He was heartworm positive and had testicular carcinoma. Franklin's Friends' grant helped to pay for his veterinary care.



Grant Recipient:

Spay the Strays

January 2018

Spay the Strays Logo

Franklin's Friends granted $5,000 to Spay the Strays to pay for veterinary care and microchipping of cats trapped or rescued in Central Florida.


Chester and Cheeto

These two precious boys came, from the street, with their kitty mom and another calico kitten. Although their mom is semi-feral, all went into one of our foster homes. These two boys were a bonded pair since the beginning. Once neutered, we took them to our adoption events at Petco, waiting for the purrrfect family to come along and adopt them together. At last, a wonderful family came into Petco and the daughter fell in love with them. They are two lucky boys to have found their forever loving home. They are now showered with lots of love and attention.



Mr. M and Socks

These two gentle giants were originally adopted out five years ago as kittens to a young couple that had to move out of state and they were unable to take them. Sadly these boys are still with us being juggled around to different foster homes and living at our habitat at Petco. They are absolutely two super awesome felines. They are on a special diet for chronic urinary issues. But other than that, they have a clean bill of health and are waiting for their forever home.




Juju is a drop dead gorgeous medium haired gray female. We received a phone call from a young woman who could not keep this cat because her child has allergies. One of our volunteers went to the house to pick her up. When she arrived, she was surprised to see that the conditions of the home were not good. We took her to our vet and got her ready to be adopted. One of our volunteers happened to know a co-worker who wanted to adopt a cat. He chose Juju and another one of our kitties for his family. Juju is now the queen of their very nice, clean house.




Tuck is a blind kitten that recently had a surgery to correct her ribcage and umbilical hernia. An online fundraiser helped us with the cost. Now healthy, this little girl may be among our foster fails. She has been spayed and is growing up happy, loved by her foster family,







Our work is made possible in part by a generous grant from the Art and Phyllis Grindle Foundation.

This gift represents the love that Art and Phyllis had for animals in need.

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